Who is an American Patriot?

I am an American Patriot!  A person who has served my Country with Honor.  A person who respects others that have also served.  I once silent voice that is silent no longer!  A Loyal American who is sick and tired of my country getting grief from the very countries we defended and helped.  A Patriot that feels that America is being led down a path to Socalism by a usurper that spent a MILLION dollars to keep his birth certificate out of the hands of the Supreme Court.  The same one that wages racial and economic warfare against the very people that made this country great!  If your under the conviction that America owes NO ONE an appology, and the liberal media “Can’t handle the truth” then stand with me!  Lets light the fires of patriotism together!

2 responses to “Who is an American Patriot?

  1. I’m with you brother! True patriots don’t shy away from the truth! We have to stand up and fight for our rights again!

  2. Love your blog and I linked it from mine!
    Love the video too!

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