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Gross National Apathy Embraces Socialism in America


                       GOOD MORNING AMERICA….. TIME TO WAKE UP!!!

Well now you’ve gone and done it….. actually made me try to learn how to blog just to be sure my voice is heard! 

I have alot to say and some pretty strong opinions I will be sharing with you in the future, so stay tuned.

I would like to first talk about American SURVIVAL.   I want all American CITIZENS to survive and prosper regardless of world opinion, health or politics.  I believe that we should certainly help develop other countries, but not at the cost of American jobs or our national security.  I know several people who fought wars to bring freedom to countries that now thumb their nose at us because we still weld the sword of democracy and humanitarian rights, many of whom did not return home alive. 

But that long before many of today’s voters were even alive so it no longer really matters does it?

Just remember that it is the nature of political climates to change and there are many reasons important to our Nation why we should be careful about the industry and technology we set up in other counties around the world. 

Don’t be surprised if I do not jump for joy at the new jobs being created overseas while millions of people are out of work in America.   I paid for my own education and worked hard all my life.  I served my country proudly in the military and I have always respected the opinions and rights of others. Yet, I know that eventually my job will likely be handed on a silver platter to someone overseas most likely to someone my company had a hand in training and educating to be able to do my job! If the outsourcing of jobs in America proves anything is that everything is only measured constantly and repetitively against the bottom line. Once the numbers shift all your love, passion, devotion, work ethic, good intentions, education and patriotism means little if anything and are apparently valued by very few.

I would like to point out that anyone who has lost a loved one protecting this great nation would likely agree that a survivalist attitude is good for America and its long overdue!  We need to quit worrying so much about payoffs to shareholders and concentrate on what is right for our country and our people equal to all other considerations!  Someone once told me that unless you have paid for something it is worth nothing to you, and I think this is what we are seeing is apathy in the United States at this time.  

An entire generation has grown up in the freedoms bought with the blood of people they no longer remember. I remember, friends of mine or a member of my family has been wounded or died in almost every conflict this country has engaged in. Those conflicts usually protecting other peoples rights to live in peace, when they could not defend themselves. Our brave men and women of our military who volunteered service to America was not done for financial gain but as an obligation and commitment to a higher purpose. 

Our American victories on the behalf of other countries should not be seen automatically as an entitlement or assurance of that country’s economic gain or assured prosperity at an expense of the loss of our own.

We all have been lulled into a dream state that the entire world will love us if we just lower out guard, and all hold hands and sing coumby ya.  That is exactly what the enemies of our country want us to think, to have us let down our guard.  Yes, SURPRISE! We DO actually have enemies that want us out of the picture entirely!  

Wasn’t in Lenin that said “the West will sell us the rope by which we will hang them?” Lets at least not make it easy for them by handing over technology and our industrial base with a coke and a smile! That same technology and industrial base that made us the strongest military and nation on Earth which enabled us to stand up for the rights of other people from all over the globe who were unable to help themselves in their darkest days! I do not expect the United States to receive much help if any as we approach our very dark days ahead.

Learn the Constitution, TEACH it to your children, get off your ass and take action!  Reclaim America for AMERICANS!

Thnaks to all our Veterans for their personal sacrifice for America!

Thanks to all our Veterans for their personal sacrifice for America!


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