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A Patriot’s 2012 Presidential Agenda


With all the Yahoos running our country into the ground I decided to run for President in 2012!  I certainly could not do any worse!

I owe no one ANYTHING, I will tell the people EVERYTHING and will represent the people’s wishes not my own…

I figure I should win by a landslide!

Unlike other politicians I will modify my platform to represent the people so let me hear your comments, good or bad….

So THIS is MY Presidential Platform for 2012 !

Politicians have forgotten that they are public SERVANTS. I believe our government has become so flawed that a drastic and solid stance must be taken to ensure the survival of the United States of America as well as all the freedoms as specified by the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.


Key Points

  1. The United States must maintain pace with all other countries and remain a preeminent world power.
  2. The United States must re-establish itself as a manufacturing and technological dominant force in the world.
  3. The United States economy must take priority but will self right itself if some fundamental flaws are eliminated.
  4. It is counter to the good of the country to be the only one concerned with global environmental issues; these issues are long term and will be dealt with after the immediate national crisis is stabilized.


National Security Fundamental Flaws:

  1. The United States can not spend 10 times as much on its military as any other country and maintain a sound economic base.
  2. As President I will immediately return all US Military currently overseas back to the Continental United States. We will then give the countries they were assigned to the opportunity to RENT our protection services or allow them to spend THEIR money, shed their blood in order to protect their interests. This will force them in one way or another to fund their own interests, or will force them to learn to live in peace with their neighbors. All military personnel ‘Rented’ will have the option to refuse assignment to another country.
  3. We must then station armed military personnel around the borders of the United States, paying particular attentions to Alaska.
  4. Declare religion as all NON-Violent beliefs, all others are terrorists and must be excised from the country.
  5. Reaffirm/Secure the 2nd Amendment by establishing and filling local armories
  6. The United States will no longer sell arms to countries without non-aggression agreements and disabling technology in the event of a compromise. In other words, if we sell F22s to another country they will have integrated into them a component that renders the weapon useless if used against the United States.
  7. The United States will maintain a military capable of total battlefield dominance but will be used in a defensive capacity only in the event of an attack on the continental United States.
  8. Policy of non-aggression but decisive and quick total victory if our homeland is attacked.
  9. Convicted terrorists caught inside the United States or Convicted Traitors are publicly executed.

Breakthrough concepts: Increase the number of taxpayers…. Reduce past debt.

  1. Give Mexico the opportunity to join with the United States as the 52nd state, or else build a secure wall and fortifications between us.
  2. Require Canada to join with the United States as the 53rd state, or else build secure wall and fortifications between us.
  3. Require Panama to join with the United States as the 54th state or else retake the Panama Canal by force if necessary and control all illegal weapons and drug shipments at that point.  Panama is KEY to the security of the United States!
  4. When the first three are implemented …. One time only We forgive all debts to the US and revoke any debts held against the US from any country we have helped militarily in the past as a past balance due for services rendered.
  5. Tell North Korea any missile launched on the United States will result in total nuclear inhalation of their country, starting with all governmental and military installations.
  6. Technological advances such as computer chip manufacturing which are integral to national defense may not be exported to another country for any reason.  Recall all manufacturing plants by Intel back inside the US.


Financial Corrections:

  1. Require all businesses that do not have the majority of their workforce INSIDE the borders of the United States to pay import taxes.
  2. Require all patents in the United States to be kept within the United States or the patents are voided and distributed for general use.
  3. It will be illegal to buy a patent and not develop it within 7 years, or it reverts back to general property of the people of the United States.
  4. Require all States to have a BALANCED Budget or forfeit government funds.
  5. Establish a MAXIMUM on all personal income state taxes across the United States… if they want to attract business over another state they will have to lower the taxes to do so.
  6. Review all welfare and Medicare recipient eligibility.
  7. Put monetary limits on SSI and Medicare which is proportional to the amount of money each individual has paid into the system!
  8. Restore all monetary funds for SSI and Medicare with a NO TOUCH policy for any ‘borrowing’ against them.
  9. Legalize and tax marijuana.
  10. Needs of the Nation override the wants of the State such as drilling for oil. and natural gas.
  11. All forms of energy are to be developed, especially ones we can control well such as nuclear and natural gas.
  12. All research welcomed but have strict laws in place to address unauthorized use such as human cloning.
  13. Set in place proper protections for the workers; abolish all unions especially in the auto industry.
  14. Set taxes on imports high enough to make American Cars a valid option.


Relieving the Prison Financial Burden:

  1. Reduce prison populations by giving low level prisoners the option of release from prison with implanted GPS tracking implants.
  2. Reduce terrorist prison populations by offering them the option of release from prison with GPS tracking implants with termination options.
  3. Reduce prison populations by offering rapists the option of release from prison with completion of surgical castration procedures.


Rebuilding the Melting-pot:

  1. Invoke strict citizenship requirements and screening.
  2. Re-institute the draft, for those too old that have never served some type of community work program is required.
  3. Support mandatory English for citizenship.
  4. Stop all dual language initiatives in the United States, different laguages encourages groups to separate and isolate from the melting-pot process.


Governmental Flaws to be corrected:

  1. Expel all lobbyists from government buildings but sponsor public discussions that politicians can attend if they so choose.
  2. Eliminate any attachments or earmarks to any bill being voted on by the House or Senate, every bill must be voted on individually.
  3. Require a two week minimum time of deliberation and rebuttal before voting on any bill or amendment.
  4. All bills must be in computerized format and be available for the general population’s review.
  5. Each representative is to have computerized access to all bills up for vote available for citizens to voice a YES/NO vote. All representatives must honor their citizens’ final vote, only to exercise their preference if the vote it tied.
  6. Any person convicted of manipulating the electronic vote in any way is banned for life from participating in all governmental processes.
  7. Parody across all elections… Specific maximum amounts allowed for all campaigns including all elected State and Federal officials.
  8. The ‘Pay Czar” ill only have jurisdiction over political offices. Determining the range of salary for all political offices voted on by the people! Not less than 2x the NATIONAL SALARY AVERAGE not more than 5x the National Average. If the incumbent wins the ballot asks the people does he deserve a 10% bonus.
  9. Being a career politician leads to inevitable compromises detrimental to the United States. Two Term limit for all offices. Term limits waves only if the PUBLIC SERVANT agrees to work for FREE.
  10. Only Politicians that have worked for the people for a minimum of 10 FREE years will be eligible for full pay retirements and full health benefits.



In Conclusion let me just state that if you have a problem with the United States being the best and strongest country in the WORLD….

If you have a problem with the United States protecting the rights of its citizens all over the world.

If you truely want the United States to turn Socialist, or to fail, or if you plan to destroy America from within or from without……

I have only ONE THING to say to you…..